The New Cell Layout

Using the tools to Document Reality - Before:



load and unload motion

^                  ^                   ^                    ^                

... the rest of the process flow and all the walking.

Compressing the layout is going bring long range goodness by stabilizing the process, reducing "out of position" conditions for the operator; reducing fatigue (safety impact!); breaking the "can't be improved" paradigm AND fostering / driving a socio-cultural shift towards embracing change. After we move the post processing equipment around, we will address the unload/load portion of the Standard Work and compress the area and distance required to do that task.

This touches one of the primary of the seven plus one TPS "deadly wastes"; "Exess Motion". I was so focused on output that I did not see the basic waste of walking around to get the process done. It took the basic activity of objective Time Observation and the uber-powerful, abeit simple tool of the Standard Work Sheet (by way of the trusty hairball chart) to make the breakthrough; see things for what they are. To the right is the proposed Standard Work Sheet of a new layout for consideration. In the future state, we plan to move the post processing stations to be right between the two operators. We believe, without changing the process, that we can cut the walking distance in half - for starters!

I performed a time observation (4 hours and 25 pages) on one of the operators as he unloaded and loaded 26 parts. From it I was able to complete the Standard Work Sheet that you see to the right. Mind you, I have walked past this cell a thousand times, but I have never seen it as this Standard Work Sheet shows the reality of what we are asking our operator to do, which is walk over a mile and a quarter per shift.

                                  The FMS Cell


This is where load and unload take place.


The move is complete and the resident operators are getting used to their new surroundings. One thing is for certain; they walk one heck of a lot less to accomplish the same amount of work. That has a direct impact on their Safety.