In this instance, we came to realize that the directive given operators of the process was to "look over each part, find any burrs, and eradicate them." The operators who run these parts were left to their own devises to make up how to deburr them on their own, using a selection of possible tools. No two operators did it the same way. Sound familiar to anyone? We started by performing time observations on the existing techniques using the common tools. I used the Standard Work layout portion of the Standard Work docs (right) to portray the array and order of tools used. I cut out images from prints and taped them to the Standard Work docs to use to show aspects of the parts. I incorporated colors to show where to use the tools on the parts. Each document didn't take a whole 15 minutes to write. We plan to use these documents to further discuss the deburring process, tool selection and what to discuss with the process operators. Rewriting the new Standard Work that comes out of such discussions will not be time consuming either. 

Standard Work as Work Instructions