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Real life situations and applications of LEAN tools as I use them  on my own shop floor. 

ALSO NOW AVAILABLE: CNC Programming and Shop Math Helps

The Truth About Standard Work Is Out There!   Simple.   Direct.   Useful.

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Welcome to Standard Work is a Verb!

My name is John Allwood and this is my book, which is NOW AVAILABLE from Amazon books  (click link below):

   Standard Work is a Verb: A Playbook for LEAN Manufacturing

  (also now available in Kindle !)

There are downloadable blank Standard Work forms are available below along with snippets of book info. I have also started a tour of speaking engagements (see below in the "NEWS" Section). Thanks for tuning in and if you have any questions, feel free to ask via "contact".               Thanks again and I'll see you on the shop floor!

Speaking engagements to talk about “Standard Work is a Verb”:

EXTRA! EXTRA! My first engagement with an SME group:

SME Chapter 275, will be on October 12th at Logan's Rib Eye in Terre Haute, IN.

For more info call Roy Boissy at (812) 235-9883
Do not miss this chance to hear the gospel of Standard Work the way Taiichi Ohno intended it!

If you are a member of an ASQ or SME group, request to include me as a speaker at one of your meetings today!

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